Sunday, August 2, 2015

Troy Vincent, man who suspended Tom Brady, may possibly have not read the Wells Report

On the integrity-of-the-game issue, let's start with Brady. Why did you decide to suspend him for four games?
Troy Vincent:
As with all cases regarding on-field discipline, we conduct due diligence, make a determination and write up the recommendation on the discipline for the violation. There were a lot of factors considered inside of that recommendation.
Like what?

Troy Vincent:
The commissioner has all of the information, and, as he has previously stated, he's going to evaluate it and make a decision.

Why is Troy Vincent unable to articulate even one factor that was considered "inside of that recommendation"? He is the one who signed the letter to Tom Brady. He is, supposedly, the one who decided on the punishment that was later approved by Roger Goodell. Any man who is going to suspend a QB for 25% of the season ought to understand those 243 pages inside and out. And instead, he punted on a simple question.

No one asked him who "had the information", though Vincent had damn well better have it, since he is the one who issued the suspension. No one asked about the appeal that Brady filed on June 23, which presumably is the "decision" Vincent refers to above. Vincent simply stated that "there were a lot of factors considered inside of that recommendation", which refers to the original suspension of Brady. Vincent easily could have, and should have been able to, explain why he recommended such a severe punishment. But he chose not to do so. Why?

I will contact Troy Vincent at the NFL offices tomorrow and ask why he refused to answer the question above. Stay tuned.
In a 60 Minutes interview on February 3, 2015, Troy Vincent admitted that he DID NOT READ the report submitted by Robert Mueller. Mueller was hired by the NFL to investigate whether anyone at the NFL had actually seen the Ray Rice video before it was released by TMZ.

Mueller, you will recall, determined that no one at the NFL offices saw the Ray Rice video. No punishments were issued. Even at that, it's inexcusable that someone in Vincent's position couldn't be bothered to read the report, regardless of its conclusions.

In this case, however, Vincent HIMSELF issued a massive fine and took draft picks from the Patriots, and suspended Brady for four games. And the more I delve into this, the more it seems that Troy Vincent, the Executive Vice President for football operations, didn't read any of the Wells Report.

And by the way, what does he mean, "The crime had already been committed"? Apparently Mr. Vincent only reads reports for crimes that have not occurred yet!

I really hope he has an explanation for me tomorrow.

I just emailed Jeffrey Kessler, Brady's attorney, and updated him on my research. How amazing would it  be to get Vincent under oath and watch him squirm??

UPDATE 8/3/2015:
I called Troy Vincent's office at the NFL and was referred to a media rep who hasn't returned my call yet.


  1. Maybe he can't read-does he need to to work for Goodell/NFL?

  2. Seems clear that Vincent's job at the NFL is his reward for selling out the union. He's obviously in way over his head there.

  3. I've been posting these things wherever I can as I don't see anybody calling attention to them. Spread the word wherever you can? Maybe eventually somebody in the media will catch on:

    Page 258 of Appeal. Kessler infers that Jastremski's gauge was used to measure Patriots and Colts balls.

    Kessler:. Exhibit 14, which are the notes you signed, and I want to look back on page 256. It states here, if you look at the -- this is the two different tests. And I'm looking at the one where it says, "Tests by Darrel" -- is it "Prioleau" ["pray-loo" phonetically]?

    Vincent That's correct.

    Kessler: It says here, "Belonging to JJ." Do you see that right at the top? Right next to the 11.8, it says, "Belonging to JJ."
    Kessler: Do you know what "belonging to JJ" refers to?
    Vincent: No, sir.
    Kessler: Do you know if that refers to the fact that the gauge used by Mr. Prioleau was, in fact, a gauge that belonged to Mr. Jastremski?
    Vincent: Not to my knowledge

  4. page 277, Jastremski texts his fiance after the Jets game in October:

    "I just mentioned some of the balls. They are supposed to be 13. They were, like, 16"

    So, there was *AT LEAST* no conspiracy to deflate footballs during the Jets game in Octboer 2014 or prior. Otherwise, Jastremski would not have stated "They are supposed to be 13". Therefore, the May 2014 "Deflater...ESPN" text from McNally must be referring to something else...aka his weight.